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Shanghai GLAZIE brings to our friends: the application of coating in various industries and the corresponding equipment required


Coating is widely used in various industries. Today Shanghai GLAZIE brings to our friends: the application of coating in various industries and the corresponding equipment required
By type of industry
1. Automobile and machinery equipment coating equipment
Such as: dust-free spray booth, dust-free paint booth, automobile coating assembly line, automatic spray painting, automobile electrophoresis coating line, rain test, etc.
2. Coating equipment for mobile phone shells and electrical appliance shells
Such as: automatic UV spraying line, electrostatic coating line
3. Coating equipment for wooden furniture, handicrafts, floors and wall panels
Such as: primer sanding machine, roller coating machine, automatic paint spraying line, electrostatic coating line, NC paint roller coating line, UV paint roller coating line, positive pressure clean room, dust-free paint room, water curtain spray booth, hanging wire , Vacuum polishing table, dust removal machine, curtain conveyor belt conveyor line, etc.
4. Coating equipment for steel furniture and iron crafts
Such as: pretreatment equipment, electrostatic coating line, etc.
5. General coating industry equipment: line paint spraying machine, wooden door panel reciprocating paint spraying machine, five-axis multi-axis linear interpolation motion paint spraying machine, four-axis, six-axis paint spraying robot,
Press processing function
1. Pre-treatment
Such as: sandblasting machine, pickling equipment, phosphating equipment, electrophoresis, etc.
2. Paint baking, paint drying, conveying
Such as: paint tunnel line, paint box, paint room, drying forced cooling, positive pressure clean room, belt-type assembly line, hanging wire, floor line, multi-layer paint drying rack, etc.
3. Polish
Such as: ordinary sanding belt machine, vertical and horizontal sanding belt machine, primer sanding machine, overhead sanding machine, special-shaped sanding machine, air drum sand, Qianba wheel sand, sponge wheel sand, disc sanding machine, sliding table sand Optical machine, etc.
4. Dust removal
Such as: dust remover, bag vacuum cleaner, electrostatic precipitator, double flour dust remover, belt conveyor type dust remover, etc.
5. Paint and powder spray
The main equipment includes: spray paint gun, airless paint spray gun, electrostatic spray paint equipment, electrostatic powder spray equipment, etc.
6. Roll coating, curtain coating
Such as: ordinary roller coater, semi-precision roller coater, full precision roller coater, putty machine, flattening and color changing machine, curtain spraying machine, etc.

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